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Passenger ship Forelle will operate the route Klaipėda - Juodkrante - Klaipėda from 2nd may-every weekend, from July 1th-every day, from 1th- September to  October - every weekend.

Departure from Žejų g. 24 Cruise ship terminal.

Price per person from 12 years old - 25 EUR, children 5 up to 12 years 15 EUR, children from 0 up to 5 years old for free, bicycle / stroller 3 EUR., Senior 20 eur.

Prices one way for person from 12 years old  14 eur, for children from  5 up to to12 years old 9 eur, for children  up to 5 years old  free, bicycle  2 eur.

10.30  departs from the cruise ship terminal (Dane River)
12:30  arrives in Juodkrante
3.5 hours to spent in Juodkrante
16:00  departs from Juodkrantė  to Klaipeda.
18:00  arrives in Klaipeda

From July 1, the Forelle will offer a new scenic route from Juodkrantė to Dead dunes every day  from July 1th to August 31th.

duration 1 hour 30 minutes, departure 13:30 hours

Prices for person from 12 years old 12 eur., children 5-12 years old 9 eur., children from 0 to 4 years old for free.